Construction Basics- Innovative Building Materials for Walls and Safety measures at site

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What are I beam panels?

I beam panels is also called universal beam and are rolled steel joint used for the structural steel building. Its unique design and structure are important for handling a lot of weight. It provides strength and support to the structure of the building.


I Beam Manufacturers in India

I beam panels are widely used in India for construction purpose. There are many I beam manufacturers in India who deal with I beam such as- MS Beams, Eagle Steels Rolling Mills, Jain Steel Industries, Mahavir steels, and so on.


Lightweight Panels and its Advantages


Lightweight exterior wall panels are an achievement of the construction technology. They are lightweight building material for walls which are quite durable just like traditional walls and at the same time light as well. They are made of polymers and polystyrene aggregates which makes them light.


Despite being lightweight, they have all the strength. It can be used for many purposes such as partitions in offices, for making cabinets and even in furniture.


EPS wall panel is a lightweight material to build walls. It has many benefits such as it is fireproof and does not radiate toxic gasses. It also saves on the space compared to traditional blocks.


Sound insulation and waterproof is another advantage of EPS wall panels. So overall it is highly efficient and simple to construct. The wall material provides protection from external environmental factors and possesses heat insulation material as well.

Prefabricated Concrete Walls are durable, flexible, and provides an excellent solution for floors, walls, and roofs for offices. The life cycle of these walls are quite high (upto 100 years) and can be easily relocated and reused.


The speed for constructing them is high and is also weather-proof. The strength and structure of the walls can meet different design standards and plumbing and electrical things can be easily incorporated into them.


Construction site office requirements


It needs a lot of planning and a checklist while setting up the office. From fire safety equipment to welfare supplies, you need to keep a check on everything. So what are the construction site office requirements that you should check beforehand, let’s take a look.


Paperwork- it is very important that you carry all the important documents with you along with necessary paperwork. Essential signatures, health and safety documents, accident books are some of them.


Welfare Supplies- Supplies are important for proper functioning and basic comfort. Cleaning equipment, drinks are some of the things to ensure about.


Fire Safety- It is important to take precaution, especially about fire safety. A fire extinguisher is a must and fire blankets as well. A proper fire safety plan should also be planned in advance. Cost saving fire alarm should also be used.


First Aid Kits- You are never aware of the uncertainties that can take place near a construction site. It is better to keep a first aid kit handy with essential supplies.


Heating or Cooling Supplies- Weather is unforgiving so it is better to make necessary arrangements like fans, coolers etc for comfortable working conditions.


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